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Currently is in version Alpha, which is a technology demo and features a small image index.

1. Image Search by Keyword

Use keywords / phrases to search for images. Currently for the experimental Alpha version there are a limited set of images. The index is growing bigger as the spider crawls the web for more images.

2. Image Similarity search provides web image similarity search, to find visually similar images. This feature is still experimental and being updated.

3. Color Based Search: Search For Grayscale Images, Search by prominent Color

You can search for grayscale images and prominent color

4. Sketch and Find

Don't know the keyword? no problem! You can sketch approximate shapes and search for images using the Sketch and Find applet. (you need Java enabled in the browser)

5. Search By Image Dimensions

You can find images by exact dimensions, by width, height or both.

6. Face Detection - Search for image containing faces

Similage can detect if an image contains face - Version Alpha - Technology Demo